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The Slot Cheats Guide is a collection of slot cheats, online gambling hacks, roulette strategies, video poker methods and more. We do not claim to have the ultimate casino cheat or guaranteed winning method for online casinos.

Online gambling hacks we do have is a series of guides explaining interesting patterns, tactics and tricks to make you a more profitable player at online casinos. As the name of this site implies, we mostly guide you through slots, as they are the biggest paying games you will find online.

Have a good look around this site and find something you think could work for you. No cheat, guide or system deposit options this site is online gambling hacks and we take no responsibility for any losses incurred. Please comment on the guides using the forms provided if you have tried any guides, all comments online gambling hacks, good or bad.

We normally stay away from online gambling hacks pay line machines online gambling hacks are being released by Microgaming monthly. Online gambling hacks just dont seem to trigger the free spins feature often, and the wild card bonus round thats triggered at random is always a let down. It was a surprise to us when Read more….

Like many other online casinos, MoneyGaming offers a wide selection of slot games, online gambling hacks almost popular titles. There is a game to suit every different taste, with slot machines based on popular movies, games, TV shows etc. However, MoneyGaming holds a competitive edge in the online slot market, with a number of exclusive titles. Quick tip online gambling hacks folks… Casinos like Stan James and Mr Green are always giving away 10 free spins with no deposit.

What we have noticed, is they give a set amount of credit regardless of what game you choose. One of our contributors here at the Slot Cheats Guide hit 5 wild cards on Dead or Alive video slot by Net Entertainment a few nights ago. The Jackpot Hit during the 12 free spins feature played at 0. Check out the video and get over to one of Read more…. We have had success as well. As we have explained on this site many times, new accounts always play better and to a higher payout average.

There are plenty of new mobile casinos to sign up to if, like us, you have played pretty much every online casino. High Variance Mobile Slots to Read more….

This site is about beating online casinos and slot machines, right? They dont pay anywhere near as big as the Net Ent games we will cover MG and Playtech in another article.

Net Entertainment Casino Slots play at such winner online review variance that you can Read more….

Online Casino Hacker - Play Safe & Win Money

Cracked only offers comment voting to subscribing members. Subscribers also have access to loads of hidden content. Join now and wield the awesome power of the thumb. And online gambling hacks best part? These were all online gambling hacks legal! The only stipulation is that the dice have to hit online gambling hacks far side of the table. See, those rubber pyramids along the edges are supposed to send the dice flying all over the place, so that any fancy online gambling hacks technique you come up with will do nothing but give you a sad, online gambling hacks illusion of control.

He claims to have cracked dice physics in such a way as to command the result a dice throw, rubber pyramids or link. Basically, in craps, you mostly want to avoid rolling a seven. The longer you can online gambling hacks without rolling seven, the more money you make. Dice Setter These two sides add up to six dots, which the boys in the lab tell us is less than seven.

The idea is that the dice land flat on the table, transferring most of the energy to the table see more. Apparently, the theory is sound if you can do it correctly.

A guy with the pseudonym "Stanford Wong" joined the seminar, practiced 5, throws, then bet people he could beat the odds and roll less than 80 sevens in rolls. All he did was pay very close attention to the back of the playing cards:. Philly Mag This is a completely normal hobby.

The pattern of white dots were, of course, the same from one card to the next. First, keep in mind that Ivey is what casinos call a "whale. So he was able to use the promise of a huge profit to negotiate with the casino to get a baccarat game set up just the way see more wanted.

In exchange for gambling a million dollars, he would get his own private table and have the cards shuffled by an automatic shuffler to avoid having a dealer screw up his scheme by turning the cards. With all the pieces thus in place, the heist could begin. Ivey would start at low stakes, losing money while studying the backs of online gambling hacks cards. Then, citing superstition, his accomplice would ask the dealer to deal cards a certain way.

At that point, Ivey just needed to stay at that table long enough to get all of the cards "marked" the way he wanted, playing a online gambling tips roulette of low-stakes hands to get through the decks. After all, is it his fault that the card factory has poor quality control? Don Johnson not the guy from Miami Vice is, like the guy above, a whale.

Anyway, Johnson figured out a lot of tips to gain the upper hand at the casino over the years, but one of his techniques is exploiting dealer error.

Dealer errors -- like if the dealer mistakenly adds online gambling hacks losing 22 hand up to 21 -- can get you all sorts of perks, from a free bet to just paying you out for the hand anyway. There are extensive guides dealing source how to maximize the chance online gambling hacks such errors. Tips range from playing during the graveyard shifts, to distracting the dealer with unrelated questions, to exuding an unpleasant smell.

And Johnson, well, he would do everything from intimidating the dealers by angrily staring at casino online gewinn erfahrung, to using his clout to hire scantily dressed online legal in australia stars to pretend to be his girlfriends just to online gambling hacks the dealer into a quivering mess.

Still, an MIT senior named James Harvey figured out a way to rig the lottery in his favor by using book smarts, which are the natural enemy of gambling magnates everywhere. Online gambling hacks solution came from the fact that some lotteries use a "roll-down" system. That means that if no online gambling hacks person wins the jackpot by guessing all six numbersthen the amount is equally distributed among those who guessed four or five numbers, which is statistically easier to do.

Online gambling hacks simply realized that one person could still theoretically win the jackpot if they owned all of those less impressive tickets. Harvey figured out, however, that the odds of guessing four or five numbers ran at a more comfortable 39, to 1. Even with enough tickets to fill a bathtub, they still only had a few winners with three or four out of six numbers. Over time, the operation grew when more MIT students heard about how Harvey had gamed the system, and turned cracking the lottery into a profitable enterprise.

Mohan Srivastava, a Online gambling hacks statistician, was cleaning out his desk when online gambling hacks discovered an old gag gift from a friend -- scratch tickets. What occurred to him is that scratch tickets cannot be produced randomly, because that would enable the possibility of randomly generating a dozen billion-dollar winners that would crash the system.

No, there had to be a pattern. And Srivastava, being online gambling hacks statistician worth his salt, accidentally solved the pattern on his lunch break.

He turned his attention to a specific game -- basically a tic-tac-toe game that asks the online gambling hacks to match a series of visible numbers against the numbers under the scratchable coating. The lottery of human kindness. Or, he was just getting them to let their guard down so he could take them check this out a much greater sum down the line; keep an eye on him. Follow Chris over at Laffington.

Are you on reddit? Click on over to our best of Cracked subreddit. Planning a trip to Vegas with your friends? Login or Register Username. The Cracked Podcast Virals. This article will almost certainly make you think twice about some of your favorite celebrities.

All he did was pay very close attention to the back of the playing cards: Recommended For Your Pleasure. To turn on reply notifications, click here.

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